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Backup Power

Backup Power is critical to prevent damage to property from freezing pipes, keeping warm, and food spoilage from loss of refrigeration.

Although power outages are rare in Canada, they do happen.

Many people buy cheap box-store generators. They are cheap for a reason. The quality is not there. Many if not most, or all components are made in China. These generators are not ment to work for prolonged periods of time, even as little as a couple of days of continuous operation.

We only sell industrial grade generators. Our most common generators work from a tractors PTO shaft. This is the most economical way to get a lot of power since the tractor is the engine.

The most common PTO generator sizes are 15, 27 and 50 KW, but other sizes are also available.

It takes 2 horsepower (HP) for every 1 KW of power produced. If your load is only requireing 10 KW, then only 20 HP would be needed.

Portable and standby generators are also available.

Portable generators offer the conveinice of been taken with you in the back of a half ton truck and most commonly run on gasoline.

PTO and Portable Generators would connect to your house with a manual transfer switch.

Standby Generators will start automatically to provide backup power for your house and use an automatic transfer switch.

Transfer switches need to be to be installed by an electrician.


tandby Generators can run on Diesel or Natural Gas / Propane.

We sell the Winco Brand of Generators, made in the USA since 1927. Winco is a veteran owned company.

In these uncertain times it is important to be prepared.

We offer products for :

     1) Energy Security: Power Backup and Renewable Energy.

     2) Food Security: Food Preservation and Emergency Food.

     3) Rural Internet Communications, and Video Surveilance.

It is always wise to prepare in advance for any disaster such as prolonged power outages, and food shortages. After such an event, supplies quickly run out, become scarce and hard to get for maybe months or years if ever.